10 Dec

Press Release Cheerity: Cheerful Charity!

The youth as the future generation is the next leader in the future. The better quality of youth, the greater its country. Investing in youth and children education is the only way to build the better quality of youth and their future.




Therefore, to actualize the great country we need a great quality of the youth. In fact, there are still great number of youth and children that don’t have proper facilities especially in education. In 2015, social minister said that 4,1 million children was being displaced. Displaced children were interpreted by the children who did not get any chances in education and proper life.

In this special occasion, Internee IFSA LC UGM was holding Cheerity: Cheerful Charity at Panti Asuhan Islam Putra on Monday, 28 November 2016. This event’s goal is to share happiness and motivate the children to chase their dream.

This project was started by 16.00 WIB. The first agenda was opening speech by orphanage’s nurse Mrs. Samiyati and project chairman Diky Hendriawan.

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10 Dec

Press Release IELTS Simulation: Pass Beyond the World

IELTS, as we know, is one of the English proficiency tests that now became popular since more than 2 million people worldwide take it. There are so many benefit that you can get with IELTS. For example IELTS, surprisingly, covers both British English and American English. Whether you want to study in the US, in the UK or even in another English-speaking country such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

IELTS gives you the chance to train your ear to different native English accents. The second one is that IELTS results follow a 9-band scoring, and that 9-band system is used worldwide so the interpretation of results becomes fairly consistent.




IFSA LC UGM in collaboration with SWIFT English School has held the IELTS Simulation on 29th of October 2016 to help students out there get their better score and because we see that nowadays IELTS is needed, so before taking the real IELTS Test, which is very expensive, they can train here.

This event is joined by 55 participants and 6 examiners. Participants came before we opened up the event for registration and check their chair number by show us their registration number which attached on their e-ticket.

The first session is opened by a speech from Ariel Adimahavira as the president of IFSA LC UGM continued to speech from Kusuma Lauditta as the project officer of this event. After that, SWIFT English School is taking over the event for the simulation.

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01 Nov

Press Release 44th IFSS Austria and Germany

Hi everyone! We would like to share the experience of IFSS delegates during 44th International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS) in Austria and Germany.

IFSS is the largest annual event of International Forestry Students Association with the general assembly as the main agenda. This event was held for two weeks and was attended by hundreds of students from all IFSA’s local committees all around the world. This event provided opportunity for students to exchange knowledge and build networks so they mutually find out information about the condition of forests in each participating country.




The delegates from International Forestry Students’ Association Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada (IFSA LC UGM) are Athiyyah Faadhilah and Sigit Bagus Darmawan to attend 44th IFSS. They went to University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in the morning to attend Opening Ceremony of 44th IFSS. There were speeches from Martin Gerzabek (Rector of BOKU), Gerhard Mannsberger (Director General of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, and Water Management), May Anne Then (IFSA President), Alexander Buck (Executive Director of IUFRO), Marc Palahi (Director of EFI), and Lisa Lehner (IFSS Chair).

The 44th IFSS was officially begun. They had 27th General Assembly of International Forestry Students’ Association, there were five plenary sessions. The delegates were responsible to participate the most important annual agenda of IFSA. In each session of 27th General Assembly discussed different topic, such as report of former IFSA officials 2015-2016, statutes changes, selection of the next IFSA official 2016-2017, selection of host of IFSS 2018, and selection of host of Interim 2016-2017.

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23 Sep

The result of Internee Selection of IFSA LC UGM 2016

Hello IFSA folks!

Tonight IFSA LC UGM proudly announces the result of Internee Selection of IFSA LC UGM 2016.




The result of Internee Selection of IFSA LC UGM 2016:

  • Diky Hendriawan
  • Putu Nuansa Putri Savita Uttari
  • Putriani Dwi N H
  • Ilham
  • Arifa Hidayanti
  • Syafirah Khoirunnisa
  • Cindy Viona Sinaga
  • Dewa Ayu Sekar Pratiwi
  • Almaz Abdul Ibrizzah
  • Yusuf Kurnia Irawan


Congratulation for you that are accepted as an internee of IFSA LC UGM! 😀

We are happy welcoming you as a part of our family, we hope that you keep your high spirit and commitment in joining IFSA LC UGM!


Warm greeting,









20 Sep

World Nature Conservation Day: Let Elephants be Elephants

World Nature Conservation day was celebrated on July 28th across the world in order to raise awareness to protecting nature and conserving our natural resources. Due to the rapid development process is putting pressure on the natural resources like air, water, forests, wildlife, fossil fuels & minerals, so that Nature Conservation management is the best way to  manage and utilize the natural resources.



Group photo session in Creative Friday Discussion, Let Elephants be Elephants


Forestry Education Commission of IFSA LC UGM held Creative Friday Discussion (CIRCUS) with following theme “Let Elephants be Elephants”. This is the way we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day to challenge youth participation in increasing awareness of elephant conservation.

There are two great speakers, Mr. Alexander Markus Mossbrucker, founder of Sumatran Elephant Conservation Initiative (SECI) and Mr. Hari Palguna, consultant and culture expert in GembiraLoka Zoo, Yogyakarta. Mr. Mossbrucker as the first speaker shared his experiences about elephant conservation in Sumatra and what he and his foundation has been done in conserving elephant. Mr. Palguna as the second speaker explained about elephant ex-situ conservation that has been done in GembiraLoka Zoo.

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