16 Jun


by Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas and Rizka Afif Muhammad


(Figure 1. Poster of Remote APRM 2020. Source: APRM OC 2020)

Remote APRM 2020 was held from 8th June until 10th June 2020 via Google Meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was organized by National Chung Hsing University Forestry Students’ Association (NCHUFSA), Taiwan. There were around 120 participants from LCs in Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Japan, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Australia, and Nepal. IFSA LC UGM sent 15 delegates to attend this meeting. They were Rizka Afif Muhammad, Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas, Zinedine Agustine Damayanti, Arya Yudha Aditya, Nabila Anggita Asyrofi, Rhatasya Kana Azzahra, Etha Widya, Christina Ayu Andari, Megantara Massie, Rezky Putri Piawanza, Dana Rizqy Prihandi, Geraldy Kianta, Nabila Putri Hafshari, Daniel Joy Sitorus, and Brandy Befani Herdin Jevona.

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21 May

Press Release of the WORKSHOP “Control Your Time, Make Your Day Happy”

Author: Nabila Anggita Asyrofi 
Presentation session by Arifah Hidayati

“Time is what we want the most but we use it the worst”

—William Penn.

On 19th May 2020, Human Resource Development (HRD) Commission held a workshop project with the theme “Control Your Time, Make Your Day Happy”. The goals of this workshop are to increase the knowledge of IFSA LC UGM members about how to manage their daily time, increase the soft skills of IFSA LC UGM members to care about time management so they could be motivated from the experience of the speaker and be able to apply the knowledge about time management properly.

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17 May

Press Release of the English Group Discussion (ERUPSION) on “How Can Youth Optimize Forest Product Utilization in Order to Improve its Sustainability”

Author: Cut Devina S. K.

ERUPSION  meeting via Webex Online Meeting

Friday, 15th May 2020 – Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM had held the English Group Discussion (ERUPSION) with the theme “How Can Youth Optimize Forest Product Utilization in Order to Improve its Sustainability”. The goals of this event are: (1) increase knowledge IFSA LC UGM’s member about youth role in optimize forest product utilization in order to improve its sustainability, (2) talk about maintaining the forest and forest product (timber and non-timber) sustainability and the impact to the environment, and (3) give knowledge to IFSA LC UGM’s member about forest product utilization steps.

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