20 Nov

Press Release English Club “Guess The Gibberish”

Author: Rezky Putri Piawanza
“Guess The Gibberish” online with Gmeet and Kahoot application

Hi, IFSA Fellas!

On Friday, 13th November 2020, Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held 8th English Club with the theme “Guess The Gibberish”. Each participant is required to open Kahoot. The operator displayed a series of words and participants must guess the word/sentence. The game consisted of three rounds in which Dewanti Uma was declared the winner of the game. This time we are not only practicing our English skills, but also as a refreshment from the many coursework.

See you guys on the last English Club of the year!

07 Nov

Press Release English Club “Scary Moment”

Author: Alia Nafisa
View of Halloween Special English Club

Hi Fellas!

On Friday, 30th October 2020, Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held 7th English Club with the theme “Scary Moment”. It is the Halloween Special English Club! Each participant has the opportunity to tell her or his scary experience. In Halloween costumes, it feels creepy but we enjoy this moment. This time we not only practice our English skills, but also refreshing our mind after passed all of the exhausting activities on the weekdays.

See you guys on the next English Club!

04 Oct

Press Release Wall Magazine Project

Author: Nurul Ramadhanty Aos

Wall Magazine Design

27th September 2020─Wall Magazine is a project from the Media and Communication Commission IFSA LC UGM, where we make a bulletin board with a specific theme. This project theme is COVID-19 and the Environment. Through this content, we want to share the relationship between the Coronavirus pandemic and the environment. The committee searches the topics to be displayed, create content, design the bulletin board, and make a video animation. We uploaded the bulletin board at social media Instagram (@ifsalcugm) and video animation at YouTube IFSA LC UGM.

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28 Aug

Press Release English Club “Complete Me”

Author: Alia Nafisa
The Beginning of 3rd English Club

Hello guys!

On Friday, 21st August 2020, Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held 3rd English Club with the theme “Complete Me”. This time, English Club was held via Skype again because the pandemic is not over yet. We completed the quiz about grammar that was arranged based on TOEFL Preparation. After that, we discussed the reason of the answer with our game master, Geraldy. All of us had our own opinion but the true answer is back to the answer key. It’s not too complicated since we only recalled our grammar skills.

See you guys on the next English Club!

16 Jun


by Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas and Rizka Afif Muhammad


(Figure 1. Poster of Remote APRM 2020. Source: APRM OC 2020)

Remote APRM 2020 was held from 8th June until 10th June 2020 via Google Meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was organized by National Chung Hsing University Forestry Students’ Association (NCHUFSA), Taiwan. There were around 120 participants from LCs in Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Japan, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Australia, and Nepal. IFSA LC UGM sent 15 delegates to attend this meeting. They were Rizka Afif Muhammad, Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas, Zinedine Agustine Damayanti, Arya Yudha Aditya, Nabila Anggita Asyrofi, Rhatasya Kana Azzahra, Etha Widya, Christina Ayu Andari, Megantara Massie, Rezky Putri Piawanza, Dana Rizqy Prihandi, Geraldy Kianta, Nabila Putri Hafshari, Daniel Joy Sitorus, and Brandy Befani Herdin Jevona.

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